Simulations Training at JMSC

Joint Multinational Simulation Center

Simulations at JMSC are so much more than just computer games. Our simulations replicate reality and offer the instant feedback Soldiers require to hone their decision-making skills.

Joint Multinational Simulation Center Overview

The Joint Multinational Simulation Center (JMSC) is the place where Soldiers, commanders and staffs go for adaptive and responsive simulation-supported training. The JMSC provides a variety of training that replicates the Operational Environment (OE), creating virtual, realistic scenarios where Soldiers train and learn without endangering personnel or equipment, significantly reducing costs and saving time in the field. Whether it is teaching the science of training simulations at JMSC’s Digital University, or the art of mission command and control through JMSC’s Mission Command Program, the JMSC has the tools and resources to leverage the power of technology to train U.S. and multinational Soldiers for war and peace.

SimulationsSimulations Simulations

THE JMSC Mission

To provide and facilitate mission command training at all echelons through integration of established Training Environments (LVC-G) enabling commanders to accomplish training objectives.

What is JMTC?

Headquartered in Grafenwoehr, Germany, the 7th Army JMTC is the largest training command outside the continental United States. Our vast ranges, simulation centers, classrooms and facilities provide realistic and relevant training to U.S. Army, Joint Service, NATO and allied units and leaders.


Last updated April 30, 2013