New initiative aims to improve property accountability across U.S. Army Europe, save Army money

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
July 23, 2010

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. Army Europe logistics professionals are working to implement a plan that re-emphasizes property accountability and equipment management, as part of Armywide efforts to better manage and allocate resources and save money.

“Everyone in the G4 (the USAREUR logistics directorate) is currently working on this process and how we’re going to attack this,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Travis Byrd, a member of the directorate’s sustainment assistance review team.

“The property initiative is a campaign driven down by the Department of the Army to clear up a lot of the excess equipment that is out there in the field,” said Byrd.

“This our way of helping the United States by downsizing the amount of equipment and getting rid of the waste that has been accumulating over the years,” he added.

Reallocating existing stocks of supplies and equipment to recoup expenses or prevent unnecessary purchases is a key part of the initiative.

“If the unit does not need the equipment, it needs to go back into the system so it can be indentified and redistributed to a unit that does need it. If it’s deemed that no one needs it, it’ll go back to DRMO (the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office) to be recycled, reused…or sold on the aftermarket,” he said.

According to a recent Department of the Army message, the challenge of maintaining good accountability of equipment and supplies has continued to grow as the result of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because commanders’ primary mission focus has been on deploying, redeploying and combat zone operations, supply discipline has not been uppermost in their minds. Byrd said one of the objectives of current efforts is to raise their awareness of the importance of using their resources wisely.

“Once we get them back in the mind-set of what command supply discipline is, and the overall picture as far as saving resources and preventing fraud waste and abuse, and we get that idea back into the mainstream, I think we’ll be set for the future,” he said.

As part of the new initiative, Byrd explained, units and organizations across USAREUR can expect to undergo a series of supply reviews and inspections by senior command supply officials, to ensure those organizations meet Army supply standards. USAREUR’s SART is ready to support units that need assistance, he added.

Byrd said he believes re-emphasizing the need for property accountability will help save money and improve supply accountability throughout USAREUR.

Unit personnel interested in more information on obtaining the assistance of the USAREUR SART can go to or contact the team by email at 370-5500 or 370-5504 or by e-mail at An edition of the USAREUR podcast featuring Byrd and a greater discussion of new supply initiatives, as well as other USAREUR audio products, is available on iTunes at