U.S. Army Europe multinational conference aims to synchronize exercises and training

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
Nov. 12, 2010

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. Army Europe G3 hosted the Theater Army Synchronization and Sourcing conference at the Patrick Henry Village Pavilion here Nov. 8-10.

The conference is a semi-annual forum to de-conflict and synchronize exercise, training, and multi-national training events in order to maximize available resources, achieve a higher level of efficiency and achieve the training requirements of all U.S. Army Europe units and select partner nations.

“This conference is an important event for U.S. Army Europe and the Army as whole in that it enables us to increase the commitments from our multi-national partners in strengthening North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as to increase their participation and commitment to International Security Assistance Force,” said Lt. Col. Mark Nelson, U.S. Army Europe exercise branch chief.

The last conference, held in May, had only about four or five partner nation participants, but this conference was expanded as representatives from more than 20 other countries attended.

”Given our mission as a forward deployed Army in Europe, it is vitally important that we train with our multi-national partners,” Nelson said. ‘This conference enables U.S. Army Europe to better synchronize training events and exercises and achieve efficiencies. In the past, there has not been a forum for this level of multi-national coordination and synchronization.”

The conference aimed at giving participants a better understanding of planning processes and timelines which will better enable them to participate in more training and exercise events, Nelson said. Participants will also have the opportunity to commit to planned training events and exercises that would not have occurred without a forum, such as the TASS conference.

“I have worked in many international environments and training environments and it has been successful so far,” said Latvian Lt. Col. Ilmars Lejins, Latvian Joint Headquarters J3 Plans. “This conference will help us do more with less, but we will be together, so that will be more anyway.”

The conference was so successful, planners are thinking about expanding it even further for the next one, scheduled for May 2011.

“It was an extremely productive event,” Nelson said. “Multinational participation was tremendous and will yield big dividends as we were able to coordinate for their participation in numerous training events and exercises. We will consider having more multi-national participation in all fiscal year reviews, in the main plenary session and allow more time for discussion and interaction.”