Army in Europe retention stabilization rate soars above the average

By Spc. Adam P. Garlington, U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
Nov. 22, 2010

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- If you’re a United States Army in Europe Soldier with an expiration of term of service on or before Sept. 30, 2012, your window for reenlistment is open.

“As long as you’re qualified, no one is being denied reenlistment,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Hatfield, the USAREUR senior retention operations noncommissioned officer.

When Soldiers have a choice, current station stabilization, which is choosing to reenlist for a current duty station, is the number one reenlistment option that USAREUR Soldiers choose, said Sgt. Maj. David Best, the USAREUR senior career counselor.

The USAREUR stabilization rate is usually about 5 percent above the average Army stabilization rate, Hatfield said.

Quality of life and stabilization are connected, Best said. In Europe, Soldiers sometimes face challenges such as being far from home and language barriers, but they feel a sense of community and security that makes them want to stay.

The quality of life, leadership and benefits are major reasons why USAREUR Soldiers are interested in reenlisting to stay a part of the USAREUR team, Best said.

Soldiers can continue to take advantage of free medical care, free educational benefits, free travel opportunities, and getting paid for exercising and eating breakfast by contacting a career counselor and reenlisting.

According to Best, in fiscal year 2010, the USAREUR retention goals were to reenlist 3,536 Soldiers, and USAREUR reenlisted 3,959 Soldiers.

Soldiers also want to work with quality leaders, and at USAREUR, the leadership is excellent, Best said.

The five standard reenlistment options are:

·       Regular Army

·       Current Station Stabilization

·        Army Training

·        Overseas Assignment

·       CONUS Station-of-Choice

All five options are available as of Nov. 22.

Bonus rates that took effect Sept. 23 range from $1,300 to $40,000, depending on a Soldier’s rank, military occupational specialty and length of service extension, according to the USAREUR retention team.

The Army also has renewed the Bonus Extension and Retraining Program that allows Soldiers to retrain, reclassify and receive a bonus for their new MOS, the team said.

“When you reenlist, you’re signing a unique contract with the nation,” Best said. “You’re offering yourself. There is no greater love that men and women have than to offer that to their country.”