U.S. Army Europe unveils campaign plan outlining command's vision for success

Jan. 18, 2011

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs


The U.S. Army Europe Campaign Plan podcast

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. Army Europe unveiled the new USAREUR Campaign Plan January 18 as part of the USAREUR Senior Leaders Forum. 

The 28-page plan describes USAREUR’s strategy for achieving its objectives, employing a strategy that follows four lines of effort, each with clearly defined objectives and the supporting tasks the Army in Europe uses to successfully accomplish each objective. It also includes an assessment plan that outlines USAREUR’s methodology for evaluating the command’s status and moving forward toward the plan’s objectives.

“This plan describes our vision for success, which means winning today’s war, preparing for future conflicts, sustaining and strengthening partnerships, embracing change and supporting our great Families that support the force,” said Lt. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, USAREUR’s commanding general.

The plan supports higher level strategies, including the U.S. National Security Strategy, the U.S. European Command Strategy for Active Security and the Army Strategic Planning Guidance.

USAREUR supports those strategies via the four campaign objectives outlined in the plan:

  • A Professional Force, built on a core of values, fitness and discipline.
  • Capable and Committed Partners, developing relationships for successful combined operations.
  • Strategic Stance, increasing U.S. strategic reach through stationing, multinational partnerships and proper use of resources.
  • Strong Communities, building a culture of taking care of each other within the Army in Europe and host nation communities.

The plan shows how USAREUR will accomplish those objectives via four lines of effort:

  • Plan, Train, and Execute Unified Land Operations
  • Strengthen Alliances and Build Partner Capacity
  • Man, Equip, Sustain, and Shape the Force for Employment by Multiple Combatant Commands
  • Develop a USAREUR Standards-Centric Community

“The USAREUR Campaign Plan is a living document,” Hertling said. The plan will be linked to USAREUR’s Master Events Calendar, he added, its progress will be assessed every quarter, and it will be updated at least every two years.

Two websites have been created to support the plan. An intranet site available to Army in Europe members can be found on the USAREUR portal, and allows visitors to view working progress on the campaign plan and take part in discussions of its development and execution. A public website allows anyone to get an overview of the plan and its workings.

The intranet site can be found at https://portal.eur.army.mil/sites/CMD/COS/urCmpn (available to .mil users only). The public site can be found at www.eur.army.mil/URCMPN.


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