U.S. Army Europe announces German-American Friendship Awards

March 11, 2012

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. Army in Europe announces the 2011 USAREUR Outreach-KONTAKT awards.

The awards program honors Outreach-KONTAKT groups and individual members, as well as non-member Soldiers, Family members, civilian employees and host nation supporters throughout Germany, for their outstanding contributions to the program and their support to German-American friendship.

This year’s awards recipients were selected by the USAREUR Office of the Chief of Public Affairs for their overwhelming volunteer support to the military and local communities.

The Outreach-KONTAKT program gives Soldiers, Family members and civilians an opportunity to learn about Germany and its culture. In return, it also provides information about the American way of life to Germans and citizens of other countries and serves as a bridge to overcome cultural differences. Outreach-KONTAKT has been an official USAREUR community relations program since 1969.

The Group High Achievement Awards recognizes the support provided by the local Outreach-KONTAKT clubs:

Outreach-KONTAKT Amberg
Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
BDAF (Federal Association of German-American Friendship) Outreach-KONTAKT
Outreach-KONTAKT Berlin
Outreach-KONTAKT Darmstadt
Outreach-KONTAKT Fulda
Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Outreach-KONTAKT Heidelberg
Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Outreach-KONTAKT Nürnberg-Fürth
Outreach-KONTAKT Stuttgart
Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Outreach-KONTAKT Wiesbaden

The Volunteer Award (by category) goes to:

Group at Community with Military Presence – Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck, for volunteering a total of 12,923 hours in 2011
Group at Community without Military Presence – Outreach-KONTAKT Fulda, for volunteering a total of 45,652 hours in 2011
Volunteer at Community with Military Presence – Thomas Esch, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck, for volunteering a total of 923 hours in 2011
Volunteer at Community without Military Presence – Winfried Jäger, Outreach-KONTAKT Fulda, for volunteering a total of 4,417 hours in 2011

The Individual High Achievement Award for non-members goes to:

Sgt. 1st Class Sonja Anderson, Bamberg
Helmut Hartmann, Fulda
Karin Hartmann, Fulda
Edgar Fella, Fulda
Sgt. Michael Brown, Heidelberg
Linda Smith, Hohenfels
Johann Krempf, Hohenfels
Birgit Thompson, Stuttgart
The Baseball and Sofball Club Mainz Athletics 1988 e.V., Wiesbaden

The Individual High Achievement Award for members goes to:

Paul Grupp, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Karin Grupp, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Michael Zettner, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Klaus Kirchhof, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Capt. Petero Lole, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Sarah Jendrzejewski, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Heinz Bock, Outreach-KONTAKT Bamberg
Mechthild Snippen, Outreach-KONTAKT Darmstadt
Karin Jäger, Outreach-KONATKT Fulda
Edward Don Day, Outreach-KONTAKT Fulda
Birgit Voit, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Monika Schön, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Harald Weber, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
George Holland, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
1st Sgt. Tracy Woodard, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Sgt. Francis M. Duras, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Ines Wendt, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Nadine Schröder, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Jochen Graser, Outreach-KONTAKT Grafenwöhr
Alyssa McBride, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Annette Stanis, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Ethel Nativi, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Florian Fischer, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Martina Kellner, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Sgt. 1st Class John Arreglado, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Andreas Kirschenbauer, Outreach-KONTAKT Hohenfels
Alexandra Klook, Outreach-KONTAKT Stuttgart
Lisa Caylor, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Klaus Schoenhofer, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Jessica Loveland-Betchy, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Florian Hochholdinger, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Engelbert Mayer, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Dieter König, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Capt. Brandon Cummings, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Andrea König, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Maj. Robert Hoover, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Susan Goekeler, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Staff Sgt. Frederick Kilpatrick, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Sgt. Joshua Dwyer, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Monika Esch, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Staff Sgt. Christopher Padgett, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Ryan Miller, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Ursula and Tim LaBrie, Outreach-KONTAKT Vilseck
Barbara Hennig, Outreach-KONTAKT Wiesbaden
Brigida Leisering, Outreach-KONTAKT Wiesbaden

The awards will be presented Aug. 4 at the 27th Annual Outreach-KONTAKT Awards Banquet. 

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