Army Chief of Staff addresses retention, opportunities

April 4, 2012

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, talked to U.S. Army Europe about future Army opportunities during his tour of the European Theater April 3.

"So just because the Army is going to get a bit smaller does not mean you will not have those opportunities," Odierno said. "The Army is going to continue to have incredible opportunities for all our Soldiers. You are going to continue to have great potential for promotions and to continue to improve yourself."

“If Soldiers are conducting themselves properly and are exceeding the standard, the greater the possibility is for attaining a re-enlistment suited to the Soldier,” ,” said Sgt. Maj. Scott Leeling, USAREUR command career counselor. “New policy is not meant to scare Soldiers into believing the Army is trying to get rid of them. Soldiers need to be properly informed and need to see their career counselors before the 24 months prior to ETS.”

“Bottom line is to do your job and there are lots of opportunities,” Odierno said. “I always talk about what makes the Army successful, is when we provide the opportunity for individuals to improve themselves which adds to the greater collective.”

Enlisted Soldiers are highly encouraged by the U.S Army Europe re-enlistment team to stay up to date with retention opportunities through career counselors in their units.

"Prior planning, establishes successful preparation...," Leeling said. “The Army is a great place with benefits that can be very expensive in the civilian sector.”

Recent news may confuse Soldiers on their possible re-enlistment options, Leeling said. Soldiers need to understand that even though there is reporting on possible changes to regulations, nothing has been approved yet and Soldiers should ensure all re-enlistment information is verified by a career counselor.

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