USAREUR, IMCOM-E accept CFC funds for Army communities in Europe

May 15, 2012

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

Renee Acosta, president and chief executive officer of Global Impact, presents a check from the Combined Federal Campaign to Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff Col. Theodore Fox with U.S. Army Europe G-1 and Deputy Director Col. Anthony Haager with Installation Management Command-Europe during a presentation in Heidelberg, May 15. (Photo by Army Staff Sgt. Brooks Fletcher, U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs)

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. Army Europe and Installation Management Command-Europe received a check for the Family Support and Youth Program during a Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas check presentation here, May 15.

President and Chief Executive Officer Renee Acosta, Global Impact, presented the $133,318 to Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff Col. Theodore Fox, USAREUR G-1 and Deputy Director Col. Anthony Haager, IMCOM-E.

“It is money that is returned directly to the installations from which it’s given, to fund programs that are needed,” Acosta explained.

The funds will be put to use in quality of life programs that the local community commander deems appropriate and in accordance with the appropriate regulations. 

According to Acosta, CFC-O, which is comprised of all five combatant commands, raised $14 million, the largest amount ever. The European command raised $5.3 million; $2.4 million of that amount was raised by USAREUR, a four percent increase compared to last year’s contribution.

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