Qualitative Management Program revisions released for fiscal year 2013

July 2, 2012

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

HEIDELBERG, Germany — A new military personnel message from the Department of the Army, released June 28, outlining the guidance and procedures of the Qualitative Management Program for FY 2013.

The QMP will review Soldier’s records in the ranks of Sgt. 1st class through Sgt. Major for possible involuntary separation and be subjected to denial of continued service upon receipt of one of the following documents.

  • General Officer Letter/Memorandum of Reprimand
  • Conviction by court-martial or Article 15, UCMJ
  • Relief for cause noncommissioned officer evaluation report
  • Senior rater rating of fair or poor in the overall performance or potential block of an NCOER
  • Annotation of “NO” in Army Values block of an NCOER
  • Academic evaluation report indicating noncommissioned officer education system course failure

Soldiers that are identified by Human Resource Command will be informed through their chain of command that they are subject for consideration of denial of continued service. Soldiers will be afforded sufficient time and opportunity to submit a letter of reconsideration to the president of the board.

Click here for more information about the FY13 QMP. (AKO access required)

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