DOD announces plans to adjust posture of land forces in Europe

Feb. 16, 2012

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- The U.S. Department of Defense has announced, in concert with overall military transformation, plans to adjust the posture of land forces in Europe.

The 170th Brigade Combat Team in Baumholder, Germany will inactivate in October 2012, and the 172nd Brigade Combat Team with units in Grafenwoehr, and Schweinfurt, Germany will inactivate by October 2013. These units will not be reset (no new personnel or equipment) following their redeployments, however individual Soldier training will continue.

Additionally, the Army will reduce the structure associated with the V Corps Headquarters, approximately 750 Soldiers. The V Corps headquarters is preparing for a deployment later this year, and the assigned Soldiers will redeploy here, reunite with their families and obtain new assignments IAW standard personnel procedures; however the unit itself will not return to Europe.

The Army is reviewing enabler forces and anticipates a reduction of approximately 2,500 Soldiers from smaller support units in Germany over the next several years. More information on this will follow.

These changes will reduce the number of Soldiers assigned here 25 percent, down to approximately 30,000 by the year 2017.

U.S. Army Europe will work closely with unit leaders and Soldiers to ensure appropriate and timely personnel actions. We are currently assessing transformation timelines, taking into account the timing of both deployments and redeployments, and Soldier and Family concerns such as tour lengths, reassigning eligible personnel to other units in enduring communities here housing and attempting to move families with school-aged children in the summer to minimize disruption.

Units remaining will consolidate at our enduring communities: Baumholder; Grafenwoehr; Ansbach; Kaiserslautern; Wiesbaden; and Vicenza, Italy. Army Installation Management Command-Europe also manages enduring communities in Stuttgart and the Benelux.

As previously announced, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Bamberg and Schweinfurt are non-enduring and will eventually be returned to the host nation.

U.S. Army Reserve units based at various locations in Europe may be relocated; however the number of units and assigned Soldiers is not expected to change.

USAREUR Army leaders understand the professional and personal effect these actions may have on our Soldiers, Families, and all civilian employees, as well as our Host Nation neighbors, and we are committed to communicating during this process, and as mitigating as much as possible the effects on the members of the team here.

Europe remains home to some of America’s most stalwart allies and partners, many of whom have sacrificed alongside U.S. Forces, and the unique Joint Multinational Training Command is an essential part of USAREUR and of Department of Defense announced plans.

Since 2006, USAREUR has closed nearly 100 sites with a replacement value of more than $9 billion as part of our ongoing consolidation and transformation. USAREUR is also in the process of closing additional $5 billion worth of infrastructure in the Mannheim and Heidelberg area which will result in annual savings of more than $100 million. USAREUR will continue to contribute to the defense of the nation, to the process of engagement with our strongest allies, and to the quality of life of our Army family.


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