Slovenian legal officers train at Joint Multinational Readiness Center

March 27, 2013

By Spc. Kayla F. Benson, 358th Public Affairs Detachment

HOHENFELS, Germany -- Four legal advisors from the Slovenian army recently trained with U.S. Army Europe Soldiers at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center here.

The Slovenian team was hand-picked by their command to work with JMRC legal advisors to learn the skills needed to serve as observer/controllers for an upcoming training rotation for deployment to Kosovo.

The combined training prepares Soldiers for legal operations during deployment, with an emphasis on oeprations in a multinational environment, said Capt. Madej Kslea, legal advisor for the Slovenian Army's 1st Brigade. The training also helps the Slovenians better understand mission objectives and gives them more field experience, said Kslea.

“When you start planning and training with [multinational partners from the beginning], it really helps you be more effective on your future mission,” said Maj. Marc Washburn, JMRC senior judge advocate O/C. “This type of training environment is absolutely invaluable.”

The group faced many challenges during the exercise. One of its biggest challenges was making sure they were on the right track for all of the cases they encountered during the training, said Kslea. But thanks to teamwork, Wasburn said, they came together to work through problems, improve their work and strengthen the relationship between the two armies.

“This is really a team effort,” the major said. “We never do any missions that are simply U.S. unilateral. Everything we do now is really part of a greater coalition, a multinational coalition.”

The Slovenian legal advisers said the time spent here helped them feel better prepared to train their peers and succeed in their deployment.

“I have to [be ready]. It’s our mission, it’s our duty, and we have to do everything to be ready and to be the best,” said Kslea.

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