U.S. Army Europe legal officials ready to assist officers interested in attending law school at Army expense

August 23, 2013

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

WIESBADEN, Germany – This year the Army is planning to send up to 25 active duty commissioned officers to law school at government expense under the Funded Legal Education Program.

The U.S. Army Europe Office of the Judge Advocate can help interested lieutenants and captains learn more and apply for the program.

Officers selected this year will attend law school beginning in fall 2014 and remain on active duty while in school.

OJA officials say applicants must have at least two, but not more than six, years of active service, at the time they begin training, to enroll in the program. They recommend that interested officers review Army Regulation 27-1 (The Judge Advocate General’s Funded Legal Education Program) for full information on eligibility.

Eligible officers should begin the application process early, and immediately register to take the Law School Admission Test at the earliest opportunity, OJA officials said, to ensure they meet the requirements for the Nov. 1 application deadline. Requests to take part in the program must be submitted through command channels and the requesting officer’s branch manager at Army Human Resources Command.

For information or assistance in applying for the program, call Lt. Col. Sara Root at 337-4700 or 0611-705-4700.

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