USAREUR announces unit actions in support of Bamberg, Schweinfurt closures

August 28, 2013

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

WIESBADEN, Germany — In association with the closure of the U.S. Army's communities in Bamberg and Schweinfurt, announced by the Department of Defense in 2012, U.S. Army Europe announces disposition of the following units:


  • 771st Civil Support Team (U.S. Army Reserve) — 2013
  • 94th Military Police Detachment (Military Working Dogs) – 2013


  • Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 16th Sustainment Brigade to Baumholder  —  2013/2014
  • 317th Maintenance Company to Baumholder — 2013
  • 504th Signal Company to Baumholder — 2013
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 106th Finance Company to Baumholder — 2013
  • Company B, 457th Civil Affairs Battalion (U.S. Army Reserve) to Grafenwoehr — 2013
  • 1172nd Movement Control Team (U.S. Army Reserve) to Grafenwoehr — 2013

In addition, the 1002nd Military Police Battalion (CID) had their inactivation ceremony this summer, and in 2012, the 240th Quartermaster Company moved to Baumholder, and the 627th Movement Control Team relocated to Kaiserslautern.


  • 522nd Military Police Platoon- 2014

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 15th Engineer Battalion and its subordinate units- the
902nd Engineer (Vertical) Company, 500th Engineer (Horizontal) Company, and the 534th Survey/Design Detachment- moved to Grafenwoehr in 2013.

In 2012, the 44th Signal Battalion relocated to Grafenwoehr and the 503rd Chemical Detachment inactivated.

IMCOM-E officials expect the remaining sites in the two communities to be fully closed by Aug. 31, 2014, and returned to the host nation as soon as possible in coordination with the German Federal Real Estate Office (BimA):

  • Bamberg Storage and Range Area
  • Flynn Family Housing and Training Areas
  • Warner Barracks
  • Warner Barracks Family Housing
  • Askren Manor Family Housing
  • Conn Barracks
  • Ledward Barracks
  • Schweinfurt Training Areas

Overall, there are some 640 military, 6 U.S. civilian and 0 local National positions associated with these unit actions. Approximately 80 U.S. military personnel will depart Germany as a result of unit inactivations, while approximately 500 military personnel move with their units to facilities at Baumholder and approximately 50 move to Grafenwoehr.

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