General information and resources regarding the U.S. government shutdown

Oct. 1, 2013

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

WIESBADEN, Germany – During the current U.S. government shutdown updates to U.S. Army's public website ( may be limited or nonexistent, but information on the impact of the shutdown on the USAREUR community will still be made available as much as possible via USAREUR's Facebook page.

Some general information and links regarding the shutdown and its effects:

General information about the impact of a government shutdown on the U.S. Army website.

Several articles about the shutdown and its impact are available on the Department of Defense website.

General furlough guidance for DoD civilian employees is available from the DoD Civilian Personnel Advisory Service. is offering a frequently asked questions page that provides information on what will and won’t stay open during the shutdown.

Department of Defense Dependent Schools will continue to operate. More information is available from the DoD Education Activity website.

Army and Air Force Exchange System facilities will continue to operate as usual. More information is available on the AAFES website.

Overseas military commissaries will continue to operate. More information is available at the Defense Commissary Agency website.

Civilian employee time and attendance guidance is available from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

The following is information from Army's Medical Command and a list of services that will be available during the government shutdown in Europe:

The short-term impact to health care services throughout Europe Regional Medical Command should be minimal. However, if the shutdown extends beyond 7-10 days, the absence of such a large portion of ERMC's Army civilian employees could have an impact on access to care and the level of noncritical services available. The following list provides more detail on specific healthcare functions at ERMC facilities:
• All inpatient and wounded warrior care activities will continue
• Outpatient care will be provided
• Appointing functions remain operational
• Timely follow-up and management of existing conditions should continue to be provided on a walk in basis
• Medical care such as BH, obstetrics, pediatrics, adult wellness, etc., will be sustained
• Appointments already scheduled will not be cancelled and care will be provided in conjunction with same-day care
• Already scheduled elective medical and dental surgeries and procedures will take place, but new appointments for elective medical and dental surgeries and procedures will be curtailed unless the attending provider assesses that there is a threat to the patient's life or limb
• Pharmacies, labs and radiology will continue to provide services, including refill of medications
• Medical and dental readiness support and emergency response will continue
• Accreditation dependent GME medical care activities will continue and are considered excepted functions under shutdown guidance
• Medical support to mission-critical operational forces, including training, will continue
• Minimum Support Services required to sustain these excepted activities will continue

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