OHA Survey deadline extended to April 30 to increase participation

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
April 13, 2011

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- The 2011 Overseas Housing Allowance Utility and Recurring Maintenance Survey started March 1 and was scheduled to end April 15, but the survey deadline is extended to April 30.

The deadline was extended to increase the survey participation rate, said William A. Gordon, the U.S. Army Europe G1 deputy chief of military pay. He also said that the current participation rate is 19 percent, and the final participation rate must be over 30 percent to validate the survey.

All military members who have lived in a private lease dwelling under the OHA program in Germany for at least the past six months are eligible to take the on-line survey by visiting this website.

The Department of Defense uses data from the survey to determine the utility and recurring maintenance allowance for military members residing in the survey country.

Military members need to accurately complete the survey to ensure their utility expenses are met in the coming year, said Gordon.

Because accuracy is important, survey participants should use their records and receipts to help them report the average monthly cost of each of their utilities, as well as the average monthly cost of any routine maintenance expenses.

Participants may stop the survey at any time, for example to research costs or search for receipts, and start again where they left off.