Knock, knock… It's Zensus time

By U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
May 19, 2011

HEIDELBERG, Germany -- The German government is conducting a nation-wide Zensus, German for census, to collect information and population data about residential buildings to help plan for its future.

U.S. military members, Defense Department civilians and their dependents don't count towards the German population, and they're exempt from the Haushaltebefragung, household survey. Persons should identify themselves as individuals with NATO Status of Forces Agreement status by showing their ID card to the census interviewer.

U.S. military members and Defense Department civilians that own property in Germany will receive the Gebäude-und Wohnungszählung, census of buildings and housing. This form must be completed, but U.S. personnel don't answer question W1 on page three. The answer for question W9 on page three is Diplomatenwohnung/Wohnung der Auslaendischen, a diplomat's dwelling/dwelling of foreign armed forces.

U.S. military members and Defense Department civilians that have rented their property in Germany to tenants without NATO SOFA status must answer question W1, and their answer for question W9 is Keines von Beiden, none of the two.

A read-only English version of the survey is available at Military members and retirees may contact their local military legal office for assistance with the surveys.