2007 Releases


12/20/2007 U.S. Army Europe's Military Police Brigade Helps Facilitate Motorcycle Donation to Iraqi Police
12/20/2007 U.S. Army Europe Honors Its Top Food Service Personnel at Annual Awards Ceremony
12/20/2007 U.S. Army Europe Postal System Tackles Holiday Mailing Surge
12/20/2007 Family Child Care Providers Give Parents Greater Flexibility, Extra Solutions
12/20/2007 U.S. Army Europe Aviators Take on Mission as Aviation Force for Multi-National Division - Baghdad
12/19/2007 U.S. Army Europe Soldiers 'Become the Enemy' to Help Train Their Comrades for Deployment
12/19/2007 U.S. Army Europe Soldiers Help Train Polish Troops for Deployment to Iraq
12/14/2007 Walter Reed Army Medical Center, DoD, Red Cross Partner to Deliver Holiday Cards to Wounded Warriors; Unsolicited Mail Sent to WRAMC Returned to U.S. Postal Service
12/14/2007 Medic Trains Afghan Soldiers, Police in First Aid while Deployed as Part of U.S. Army Europe ‘Sky Soldiers’ Team
12/13/2007 Hanau Welcomes U.S. Army Europe Bridging Company Home from Extended Deployment in Iraq
12/13/2007 Soldiers From U.S. Army Europe’s 1st Armored Division Face Realistic Scenarios in Preparation for Iraq
12/12/2007 ‘Torgau’ Exercise Gives U.S. Army Europe Soldiers Unique Opportunity to Build Relationship with Russian Troops
12/12/2007 Voting Assistance Officers Busy Helping Americans in Europe Register to Cast Their Ballots
12/07/2007 U.S. Army Europe-Led Aviation Task Force Transfers Balad Mission as it Moves to Camp Taji
12/07/2007 Community Streamlines Process of Reintegrating ‘Dagger’ Brigade Soldiers Home from Iraq
12/05/2007 U.S. Army Europe Stryker Soldiers Help Test, Screen Iraqi Police Applicants
12/05/2007 Transition Team Led by U.S. Army Europe Military Police Helps Train More Iraqi Police for Baghdad Security
12/05/2007 Leadership, Teamwork Work Help U.S. Army Europe Military Police Hone Iraqi Police in Iskandariyah
12/05/2007 Information Assurance Team Keeps U.S. Army Europe Computer Systems Safe and Up-to-Date
12/04/2007 Commander of U.S. Army Europe’s ‘Dagger’ Brigade Lauds Unit’s Successes During 15 Months in Iraq
12/04/2007 U.S. Army Europe-led Task Force Iron helps establish law school affiliation between Baltimore and Iraq
12/04/2007 ‘School of the Trooper’ fills new U.S. Army Europe Stryker Soldier with information, pride
12/04/2007 U.S. Army Europe Stryker Soldier Teaches Himself Arabic to Help Unit’s Mission
12/03/2007 U.S. Army Europe Soldiers to Train with Russian Troops During ‘Torgau’ Exercise
12/03/2007 U.S. Army Europe Band and Chorus to Perform Two Free Holiday Concerts in Heidelberg
12/01/2007 Donations from Home Help U.S. Army Europe Aviators Turn Briefing Area into Comfy Cinema
11/29/2007 U.S. Army Europe Pilot Joins With Air Force Doctor to Cheer Aspiring Young Iraqi Aviator
11/29/2007 U.S. Army Europe Stryker Soldier Shares Deployment in Iraq With Field Artillery Brother
11/28/2007 USAREUR units identified for deployment in 2008 | German translation
11/21/2007 Army Family Team Building training teaches basics of Army life, leadership
11/20/2007 U.S. Army Europe Soldiers in Afghanistan Run 24-Hour Race in Honor of Comrades who Died in Vietnam
11/20/2007 U.S. Army Europe Engineers Take Part in Operation to Secure Areas by Iraq’s Euphrates River
11/19/2007 Soldiers with U.S. Army Europe-Led Task Force Sing National Anthem at Minnesota Vikings Game From Iraq
11/19/2007 Vietnam Vet Still Serving Brings 40 Years of Know-How to U.S. Army Europe-Led Aviation Task Force in Iraq
11/19/2007 U.S. Army Europe ‘Storm Riders’ Team with Infantry Troops for Iraq Air Assault Missions
11/19/2007 U.S. Army Europe Military Police Support Increased Iraqi Police Activity in Baghdad
11/19/2007 U.S. Army Europe’s ‘Dagger’ Brigade Passes Mission in Iraq to 101st Airborne Division
11/16/2007 Success in Iraq is Possible, Says Deputy Commander of U.S. Army Europe’s 1st Armored Division
11/16/2007 Aviano memorial service salutes six service members killed in Black Hawk crash
11/14/2007 5th Signal Command Representatives Join French Officials in Wissembourg Armistice Day Observance
11/14/2007 Grafenwoehr Sergeant Earns Distinction as Europe’s Top Army Medic Following 60-Hour Competition
11/14/2007 U.S. Army Europe’s ‘Dagger Brigade’ Gets Credit for Increased Security, Restoration of Services in Baghdad
11/14/2007 U.S. Army Europe Military Police, Stryker Soldiers Join with Iraqi Police in Weapons Search
11/13/2007 Task Force XII Soldiers becomes U.S. citizen
11/12/2007 Support Companies take care of aviation mission on the ground
11/09/2007 Sixth U.S. service member dies after UH-60 Black Hawk crash
11/08/2007 Combined Federal Campaign Tops $1 Million Mark from U.S. Army Europe, Installation Management Command
11/08/2007 Soldiers of U.S. Army Europe-Led Task Force in Iraq Aim to be ‘Biggest Losers’
11/08/2007 U.S. Army Europe’s 76th Army Band Performs with Fellow Military Musicians from Nine Nations at Berlin Festival
11/08/2007 U.S. Army Europe’s 95th Military Police Battalion Begins Mission in Baghdad
11/08/2007 U.S. Army Europe Stryker Soldiers Help Reduce Violence in Baghdad’s Adhamiyah District
11/08/2007 Additional U.S. service member dies after UH-60 Black Hawk crash
11/08/2007 4 U.S. service members killed in UH-60 Black Hawk crash
11/08/2007 ‘Vanguard’ Battalion Wrapping Up Its 15-Month Deployment in Iraq
11/07/2007 U.S. Army Europe Military Police, Stryker Soldiers Join with Iraqi Police in Weapons Search
11/07/2007 U.S. Army Europe Signal Soldiers Assume Deployment Mission in Baghdad Ceremony
11/06/2007 U.S. Army, Europe led Task Force Iron begins offensive to drive Al Qaeda from northern Iraq
11/06/2007 U.S. Army, Europe Stryker Soldiers join with Iraqi police, government officials for schools upgrade
11/02/2007 U.S. Army, Europe asks opinion leaders to support U.S. Forces in Europe during Heidelberg conference
10/30/2007 1st Armored Division accepts Multi-National-Division- North mission in Tikrit
10/30/2007 U.S. Army, Europe military police 'RIP' into Iraq mission
10/30/2007 Sergeant Major of Army visits soldiers, views training during day in Grafenwoehr, Vilseck
10/30/2007 Army's highest-ranking NCO makes busy nine-day visit to U.S. Army, Europe soldiers
10/30/2007 Pilot earns distinguished flying cross for landing plane after being wounded in Iraq attack
10/26/2007 Senior Leaders renew Army commitment to families at Heidelberg covenant signing
10/26/2007 18th Military Police Brigade soldiers move into Iraq to assume 15-month mission
10/26/2007 U.S. Defense Secretary calls for renewed commitment during U.S. Army, Europe-sponsored conference
10/25/2007 Stryker soldiers part of collaborative effort to renovate Bagdad girls school
10/25/2007 Joint Task Force East  volunteers join Seabees in renovating Romanian children's center
10/25/2007 Army Reserve chief discusses priorities for today's reservists during Heidelberg town hall
10/24/2007: U.S. Army, Europe Artillery soldiers complete final phase of 'proof of principle' exercise
10/24/2007: U.S. Army, Europe Signal soldiers share workings of Officer-NCO relationships at international course
10/24/2007: 'Vanguards' Commander applauds Iraqi volunteers contribution to improved security, economy
10/22/2007: U.S. Army Europe Air Defense soldiers feel the sting of realistic training
10/22/2007: 'VIP' Company helps keep special passengers off Iraq's dangerous streets
10/19/2007: Stryker Commander says Vilseck based unit bringing security, hope to East Rashid Rashid
10/19/2007: Stryker soldiers making East Rashid safer one street and one house at a time
10/19/2007: Officials warn U.S. Army Europe drivers that tinting front windows of vehicles is banned in Germany
10/19/2007: Simple green plastic plate sends message to V Corps Soldiers to get involved with community
10/19/2007: U.S. Army, Europe aviators fly flag in Iraq in honor of their hometown's newest eagle scout
10/16/2007: 1st Infantry Division Brigade Commander reports less violence, more growth in Bagdad sector.
10/16/2007: U.S.  Army, Europe Stryker soldiers seize weapons caches as operation Dragon Talon II continues
10/11/2007: U.S. Army, Europe Command Sergeant Major outlines USAREUR operations, training at Washington meeting
10/11/2007: U.S. Army, Europe personnel to take foreign language assessment as part of DoD initiative
10/11/2007: Father, son flying missions together on deployment with task force led by U.S. Army Europe aviators
10/11/2007: Signal soldiers head for second deployment in southwest Asia
10/11/2007: Deployed U.S. Army Europe personnel eligible for free vehicles registration extension
10/11/2007: Stryker units uncover bombs, weapons caches during east Bagdad operations
10/11/2007: 1st Armored Division goes  'where the action is' on with deployment with 'OLD IRONSIDES
10/11/2007: 1st Armored Division Soldiers get up-close training as they prepare in Kuwait for move into Iraq
10/07/2007: U.S. Army, Europe participates in Army Ten-Miler
10/03/2007: U.S. Army, Europe aviation Soldiers pay tribute in art to 1st Infantry Division 'neighbors' who have died in Iraq
10/01/2007: 'Doing the right thing every day' earns accolades for V Corps maintenance team
09/28/2007: Policy change provides new arrivals to U.S. Army Europe with 'same-day service'
09/28/2007: U.S., Army Europe aviators serve up 'Catfish Air' to move coalition personnel across Iraq
09/27/2007: U.S. Navy Seabees renovating Romanian clinic as they take part in Joint Task Force-East exercise
09/27/2007: American Forces Network team goes live in Romania, Bulgaria to support Joint Task Force-East
09/26/2007: Stryker Soldiers rally to injured comrade, take out insurgents in East Rashid firefight
09/26/2007: Changes to government travel charge card program increase limits, cut off dormant account
09/25/2007: Junior leadership trainers help prepare peers for Army Soldier, NCO of the Year competition
09/25/2007: U.S., Bulgarian Soldiers strengthen relationships through training
09/24/2007: German Bundestag delegation visits U.S. Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels -- U.S. Ambassador Timken and U.S. Army Europe Gen. McKiernan highlight multinational participation and training techniques | German translation
09/24/2007: Seabees start work on endocrinology clinic renovation
09/24/2007: Vilseck mourns loss of Stryker Soldier
09/21/2007: Young Soldiers in U.S. Army, Europe maintenance platoon learn fast on Iraq deployment
09/21/2007: U.S. Army, Europe teams Training Support Center adds realism, value to exercise in Romania and Bulgaria
09/20/2007: USAREUR announces FY08 additional transformation actions  | German translation
09/20/2007: U.S. Army Europe experts working to improve suicide prevention process
09/18/2007: U.S. Army Europe observer/controller team brings the latest training doctrine to Poland exercise
09/18/2007: U.S. Army Europe Soldiers vital to combined exercises with Polish forces
09/18/2007: Conference focuses on strategies for helping victims of sexual assault
09/17/2007: Stryker Soldiers take part in arrest of four insurgent suspects in 'Dragon Talon II'
09/17/2007: Karkh mission gives Stryker Soldiers a chance to live, work among Iraqis while patrolling Baghdad
09/14/2007: 'Dragoons' of 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment raise their colors over Baghdad
09/14/2007: Soldiers of Task Force XII honor 9-11 victims by donning combat patch on sixth anniversary of attacks
09/14/2007: U.S. Army Europe Soldiers provide vital support services to joint task force exercise
09/14/2007: U.S. Army Europe Soldiers train with Illinois Guard members, Polish Forces in 'Immediate Response 07'
09/13/2007: New 'Warrior Transition Units' in Europe focus on helping Soldiers through healing process
09/13/2007: V Corps pilot-artist creates colorful legacy in Southwest Asia
09/10/2007: Soldiers of V Corps' 12th Combat Aviation Brigade help keep round-the-clock eye on security at Balad base
09/10/2007: 'Bad Company' makes sure it's all good for aircraft of V Corps' 12th Combat Aviation Brigade
09/10/2007: Army's 'most senior first-termer' re-ups for indefinite stint
09/10/2007: Task Force XII 'Sherpa' Soldiers carry the load through skies of Iraq
09/10/2007: U.S., Romanian Soldiers share experience, skills while living and training together here
09/10/2007: Daylong event salutes, farewells 1st Armored Division Soldiers preparing to deploy
09/04/2007: USAREUR Soldiers, Navy Seabees improving local quality of life while training in Romania, Bulgaria
09/04/2007: USAREUR Commander visits Soldiers taking part in Joint Training in Romania
08/24/2007: USAREUR announces its Soldier and NCO of the year
08/08/2007: Hunzeker becomes 53rd V Corps Commander
08/08/2007: Safety officials look to leaders, buddies to spread their message
08/06/2007: V Corps' 18th Engineer Brigade training to have every Soldier certified as a combat lifesaver
08/03/2007: Stryker regiment cases its colors as it readies for second deployment to Iraq
07/27/2007: Scoring high is a bad idea when it comes to driving in Germany
07/27/2007: U.S. Army, Europe officials say seat belt use saving lives – and licenses
07/26/2007: V Corps Commander nominated for Pentagon position
07/25/2007: USAREUR Soldiers to take part in Joint Task Force-East
07/24/2007: New German law gets tough on drinking drivers younger than 21
07/24/2007: U.S. Army, Europe officials remind drivers of importance of international licenses
07/19/2007: Indefinite reenlistment program designed to offer NCOs career security
07/19/2007: U.S. Army, Europe reminds drivers to keep licenses, registration up to date
07/11/2007: Transformation: Base Closures in Darmstadt and Hanau  (German translation)
07/11/2007: Transformation: Base Closures in Buedingen and Gelnhausen (German translation)
06/26/2007: Conference empowers NCOs from all over Europe and Eurasia
06/25/2007: U.S. Army, Europe Band and Chorus perform at World Bowl XV
06/14/2007: U.S. Army, Europe celebrates U.S. Army’s 232nd Birthday
06/12/2007: Enhanced re-up program means big money for those who act fast
06/08/2007: NCO conference to bring together more than 30 nations
06/07/2007: U.S. Army, Europe celebrates 65 years of unbroken service to the nation
06/05/2007: Army chief of staff discusses his plans for “way ahead”
06/04/2007: 2nd SCR showcases Strykers for international audience
05/31/2007: ERMC conference doubles as meet and greet
05/31/2007: Medical specialists put to the test
05/08/2007: USAREUR units tapped for deployment to Iraq | German translation
04/19/2007: USAREUR announces FY08 transformation actions
04/02/2007: 1AD OIF Deployment and Force Structure Changes | German translation
04/02/2007: Civilian death at Kaiserslautern, Germany
02/05/2007: USAREUR announces command’s best military journalists, broadcasters
02/05/2007: USAREUR career counselor named best in the Army