2009 Feature Articles


12/31/2009 VTC brings V Corps Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan face-to-face with families in Germany for holidays
12/24/2009 V Corps framework for new command, NATO mission in Afghanistan
12/18/2009 21st TSC, 598th Transportation Group support 172nd Infantry Brigade redeployment
12/21/2009 Casey discusses upcoming deployment with 1st Armored Division Soldiers during Christmas week visit in Wiesbaden
12/14/2009 21st Theater Sustainment Command's top cooks prepare to take on Army's best
11/24/2009 Road rage, insults, rude gestures can lead to fines, prison in Germany
11/23/2009 14th Transportation Battalion Soldiers vie for top spot in 'Warrior Challenge'
11/18/2009 Joint Multinational Readiness Center 'Grizzlies' help Republic of Georgia forces develop training observer-controllers
11/18/2009 Immediate Response 2010 prepares U.S. and Georgian troops for Afghanistan
11/17/2009 Master Resiliency Trainers to promote overall fitness of U.S. Army Europe
11/13/2009 U.S. Army Europe chief of staff joins in sharing experiences, memories at NAACP anniversary event
11/12/2009 Berlin's Allied Museum helps visitors remember, understand common history of allies, Germany
11/12/2009 Liaison program offers comfort factor for Americans being treated in host nation health facilities so patients can focus on healing
11/09/2009 V Corps historian recalls days as platoon leader patrolling Berlin Wall
11/05/2009 Sergeant major of the Army pays visit to Bamberg-based Soldiers
10/30/2009 U.S. Army Europe leadership salutes Heidelberg medics for earning title of Army's best
10/30/2009 Europe's best culinary specialists and dining facilities honored at 42nd annual Connelly Awards presentation
10/27/2009 Tensions ran high at Checkpoint Charlie in 1961 as Easterners fled to West, Berlin Wall went up
10/19/2009 Retired sergeant presented Bronze Star for valor in Vietnam
10/14/2009 U.S. Army Europe NCOs honored for efforts in mentoring, educating Soldiers
10/08/2009 Joint Multinational Training Command NCO named Army NCO of the Year says self-improvement, leading by example never stop
10/06/2009 Soldiers who want to transfer Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits need to visit their career counselors
10/05/2009 Combined U.S. Army Europe-Installation Management Command men's team earns first-place finish in Army Ten-Miler
10/02/2009 1st Armored Division military police Soldiers train with MRAP during predeployment exercise
09/29/2009 Survey gives servicemembers an opportunity to take part in ensuring accurate Cost of Living Allowance rates
09/24/2009 Sexual assault prevention conference provides latest training, information on Army goals
09/15/2009 173rd Infantry Brigade troops learn benefits of new ambush-protected vehicle during training in Hohenfels
09/14/2009 18th Engineer Brigade uncases colors, earns commendation for 15-month tour in Iraq
09/09/2009 U.S. Army Europe chaplains, chaplain assistants get trained, refreshed at annual leadership event
09/01/2009 Pledge of support from first lady sets the tone for Defense Department Joint Family Readiness Conference
08/27/2009 U.S. Army Europe names top Soldier, noncommissioned officer for 2009
08/24/2009 U.S. Army Europe quartermaster Soldiers wrap up month training Romanian engineers to purify water
08/24/2009 New commander accepts reins of 21st Theater Sustainment Command in Kaiserslautern ceremony
08/20/2009 U.S. Army Europe commander encourages Army Signal community to build infrastructure that supports Soldiers, collaboration
08/18/2009 KONTAKT conference salutes those who strengthen German-American relationships
08/17/2009 NCO Academy takes Warrior Leader Course to Baumholder to help recently redeployed Soldiers get training
08/17/2009 Grueling four-day competition challenges U.S. Army Europe's best warriors for 2009 Soldier, NCO of the Year titles
08/13/2009 Use caution, knowledge to avoid risks, stay safe during summertime water activities
08/13/2009 U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy inducts Sergeant Major of the Army of Republic of Macedonia into hall of fame
08/11/2009 Airborne Soldiers first to train with Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles in Europe
08/10/2009 Training, command involvement helping to make U.S. Army Europe motorcycle riders safer
08/05/2009 Eligible officers can apply to attend law school at no cost under Army's Funded Legal Education Program
07/31/2009 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion unfurls its colors at new home in Schweinfurt
07/24/2009 Installation Management Command-Europe initiative ushering in Postal Service Centers to improve service
07/23/2009 U.S. Army Europe accepts Combined Federal Campaign funds earmarked for Army communities in Europe
07/22/2009 Tickets for U.S. Army Europe Soldier of the Year and NCO of the Year awards program now on sale
07/22/2009 18th Engineer Soldiers return home to Heidelberg following 15-month combat tour in Iraq
07/21/2009 Europe AFAP issues forwarded for Army-level review
07/21/2009 Post 9/11 GI Bill offers servicemembers unprecedented education benefits
07/20/2009 U.S. Army Europe Soldiers with Joint Task Force-East train Romanian counterparts in lifesaving skills
07/13/2009 First large load of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles arrives in Europe
07/02/2009 Peak summer moving season requires Soldiers, Families to be creative, flexible, patient
07/02/2009 21st Theater Sustainment Command parachute riggers join Sailors for joint airborne training in Sicily
07/01/2009 Army Family Covenant providing programs, major savings for Soldiers, Families in Europe
07/01/2009 Army Family Action Plan delegates discuss family concerns at Europe conference
06/26/2009 Keeping valuables out of sight thwarts thieves
06/22/2009 SMA discusses leadership with Dragoons
06/11/2009 'Cobra King' begins its journey from Vilseck to place of honor in Army museum
06/11/2009 Veterans of only National Guard division to land on D-Day return for 65th anniversary of invasion
06/11/2009 Allied paratroopers pay tribute to 65th anniversary of D-Day with reenactments of 1944 airborne operations
06/10/2009 21st TSC Chaplain's assistant selected as Army's only CSM in Chaplain Corps
06/07/2009 First French town liberated on D-Day shows its appreciation to Normandy veterans
06/07/2009 Ceremony in Normandy village churchyard pays tribute to victims of little-known D-Day atrocity
06/07/2009 German ambassador to France calls for moving beyond past during tribute to German Soldiers who died in Normandy campaign
06/07/2009 Event salutes paratroopers who engaged in some of the fiercest fighting in France following D-Day
06/07/2009 Americans, French, Germans gather to honor Normandy veterans at famed Mont Saint Michel
06/07/2009 Veterans take center stage in events honoring 65th anniversary of Normandy invasion
06/07/2009 Obama joins heads of state to honor D-Day veterans at ceremony marking 65th anniversary of Normandy invasion
06/05/2009 Servicemembers join veterans, French citizens to commemorate sacrifice of World War II troops who fought for strategic town
06/05/2009 French citizens join U.S. Soldiers past and present to honor those who fought at Gourbesville during Normandy invasion
06/04/2009 Normandy: One Soldier's unexpected home away from home
06/04/2009 Reenactment groups bring D-Day era alive for visitors to events commemorating 65th anniversary of invasion
06/04/2009 Trio of Stryker sergeants relives history by recreating image of Soldiers taken on D-Day
06/03/2009 Values bind servicemembers together across span of time
06/03/2009 Chance meeting brings cavalry sergeant face-to-face with D-Day veteran
06/07/2009 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen living and working together to support 65th anniversary of D-Day
06/02/2009 Church tower, windows pay tribute to paratroopers who jumped into first town liberated during World War II
06/02/2009 Airborne museum houses one-of-a-kind artifacts that honor historic jump during D-Day invasion
05/29/2009 Soldiers, contractors set up living area to support Normandy commemoration
05/28/2009 Deployed parents can watch DoDDS-Europe graduation ceremonies live via webcast
05/21/2009 Retention experts from across Europe gather for training at Garmisch conference
05/20/2009 Stryker troopers challenge minds, bodies for right to wear coveted cavalry Stetson
05/15/2009 U.S. Army Europe Provost Marshal officials recommend ways to protect ID cards
05/13/2009 Second phase of suicide prevention training focuses on more personal approach
05/13/2009 Stryker Soldiers commemorate World War II's 'Operation Cowboy' with citizens of Czech Republic
05/13/2009 Soldiers of 212th Military Police Company return home to Wiesbaden after 14 months supporting their Iraqi counterparts
05/12/2009 Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program leaders in Europe gather for training
05/12/2009 In spite of wounds, 21st Theater Sustainment Command NCO grateful for Army service
05/09/2009 Army Reserve Soldiers back home in Wiesbaden after 400 days of deployment
05/09/2009 Soldiers of 1st Armored Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team reflect on hard times, good times of unit's third tour in Iraq
05/06/2009 Mock promotion board a nerve-wracking first step for many Soldiers aspiring to join NCO ranks
05/04/2009 Army health clinics throughout Europe observe Women's Health Week
05/04/2009 5th Quartermaster Company parachute riggers educate, entertain Ramstein students
04/30/2009 Photo release: Seabees support local communities while serving with U.S. Army Europe-led Joint Task Force-East
04/27/2009 18th Military Police Brigade Soldiers learn advanced crime scene techniques
04/27/2009 18th Military Police Brigade Soldiers assault paintball course for Warrior Adventure Quest
04/23/2009 U.S. Army Europe officials define laws regarding common vehicle modifications prohibited in Germany
04/21/2009 Despite valor award, command sergeant major sees herself as Soldier, leader rather than hero
04/20/2009 Survey is servicemembers' opportunity to take part in setting rates for Overseas Cost of Living Allowance
04/20/2009 'Iron Brigade' teams with Iraqi commando battalion to secure Owesat in Operation Al-Sakar
04/14/2009 Presentation of Griffin Award honors 501st Military Police Company as U.S. Army Europe's best
04/10/2009 'Sky Soldiers' test their skills in competition designed to simulate stress of battle
04/09/2009 Hamburg institute continues more than 50-year tradition of enhancing U.S.-German partnership through education and discussion
04/07/2009 'Operation Saber Charge' gives cavalry platoon leaders a chance to plan, execute operating procedures
04/07/2009 Leadership of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division hosts farewell to Iraqi colleagues
04/03/2009 Team takes on 'pressure cooking' to earn feast of accolades at annual Army culinary arts competition
04/02/2009 Demonstrations, road restrictions during NATO summit call for care, planning
04/01/2009 U.S., allied medical personnel tackle 'extraordinarily difficult standard' during Expert Field Medical Badge training, testing
04/01/2009 U.S., European medical Soldiers train, test and build bonds during Expert Field Medical Badge
03/28/2009 U.S. Army Europe, partner nation Soldiers train, test together in quest for Expert Field Medical Badge
03/26/2009 Six paratroopers earn medals for valor for actions in combat during Afghanistan firefight
03/26/2009 Food service specialists return with Bronze medal awards from the annual U.S. Army culinary arts competition
03/25/2009 Security officials advise members of U.S. forces community about security precautions during NATO summit in France, Germany
03/25/2009 Sergeant reflects on fateful day in Baghdad when he earned medal for valor during convoy attack
03/20/2009 Leadership begins with integrity, values for V Corps human resources specialist
03/18/2009 Sergeant earns Silver Star for charging into face of enemy during ambush in Afghanistan
03/18/2009 Servicemembers' overseas cost of living allowance to decrease starting in May
03/16/2009 Military medical experts hope to dispel myths, advance treatment for mild traumatic brain injury
03/16/2009 Troops hand out clothes, toys donated at thrift shop in Germany at school in Iraqi village
03/16/2009 Sailor-turned-sergeant, 48 going on 32, inspires other Soldiers to 'do anything you set your mind to'
03/10/2009 Army doctor separates truth about suicide from myths
03/06/2009 Engineer project trains Soldiers for combat, improves training area – and helps frogs
03/06/2009 Sergeant Major of the Army addresses area servicemembers during Year of the NCO event in Kaiserslautern
03/05/2009 Cool head, 'warrior ethos' guided Heidelberg medic who helped stabilize victims of autobahn crash
03/05/2009 From 'hot-headed private' to first sergeant, company senior noncommissioned officer is link to past, future of NCO Corps
03/04/2009 U.S. Army Europe's senior enlisted advisor hopes to engage Soldiers, Family members in cyberspace
03/03/2009 Induction ceremony a rite of passage that symbolizes new sergeants' dedication to duty
02/27/2009 COMMENTARY: Gunpowder, fate, support – Suicide survivor shares story
02/27/2009 Joint Multinational Training Command ceremony pays tribute to Army's 'Year of the NCO'
02/27/2009 Radio talk show highlights need to care for others
02/27/2009 1st Armored Division Soldiers in Iraq compete to become members of prestigious U.S. Army Europe Sergeant Morales Club
02/26/2009 Guard, Reserve Soldiers train at Joint Multinational Readiness Center for Kosovo mission
02/26/2009 Joint Multinational Readiness Center team takes Hohenfels training area to Fort Bragg
02/26/2009 U.S. Army Europe leaders call on Soldiers to get involved in preventing sexual assault
02/25/2009 Thirteen U.S. Army Europe junior officers honored for commitment to duty, honor, country with MacArthur leadership awards
02/24/2009 'Cobra King' led 4th Armored Division column that relieved Bastogne during Battle of the Bulge
02/24/2009 Tank that helped break German hold on Bastogne begins journey into place in Army history
02/24/2009 U.S. Army Europe commanding general visits middle school students to discuss their concerns about Army life
02/23/2009 1st Armored Division sergeant still working with Soldiers after two decades as member of active, reserve and National Guard forces
02/23/2009 Diversity takes center stage at Kaiserslautern Black History Month observance
02/20/2009 'Stand-downs,' interactive training part of latest efforts to help reduce Army suicides
02/20/2009 Paratroopers come to Germany from Fort Bragg to train as observers with Joint Multinational Training Command
02/18/2009 Four Ansbach food service specialists make the cut to compete at annual U.S. Army culinary arts competition
02/17/2009 Corporal takes on challenges of noncommissioned officer ranks
02/17/2009 Heidelberg Soldiers named 2009's best NCO and Soldier warriors in Europe Regional Medical Command
02/10/2009 Army inspector general meets with Soldiers, civilians, Family members in Ansbach community
02/10/2009 21st Theater Sustainment Command paratroopers conduct combined airborne operations with French counterparts
02/10/2009 Headquarters of U.S. Army Europe's 18th Engineer Brigade moving for third time during 15-month deployment
02/09/2009 SETAF NCO honored for bravery
02/06/2009 Renovations under way in Schweinfurt preparing community for relocation of 7th Signal Brigade
02/06/2009 Simple form offers step-by-step information about what to do after a traffic accident in Germany
02/05/2009 Bundeswehr presents Cross of Honor to Wiesbaden commander in honor of contributions to German-American relations
02/04/2009 German infantry school students train for Afghanistan deployment on U.S. Army training area in Schweinfurt
02/03/2009 Culinary team trains for hot competition in annual Army culinary arts contest
02/03/2009 Soldiers of 18th Military Police Brigade, 95th MP Battalion mark return from latest Iraq deployments
02/03/2009 U.S. Army Europe Commander supports children's education program with reading of Berlin Airlift tale
02/02/2009 Partnership between Iraqi, 1st Armored Division Soldiers helps keep provincial elections safe
01/30/2009 Europe-based Soldiers earn their 'jump wings' at Fort Benning
01/27/2009 1st Armored Division Soldiers discuss election security, ongoing projects with Iraqi leaders
01/22/2009 1st Armored Division Soldiers, civilians participate in Baghdad seminar on women's issues
01/16/2009 2nd SCR welcomes new regimental, squadron commanders
01/12/2009 Ansbach ceremony welcomes new 12th Combat Aviation Brigade commander
01/12/2009 Army wife credits experiences, opportunities provided by military life for successful rise from small town to Fulbright scholar
01/08/2009 Warrior Leader Course provides shared knowledge, experience to guide Soldiers' first steps as leaders
01/06/2009 Air ambulance company marks its return from 'full-spectrum' deployment in Iraq