Professional writings

Professional writings from the U.S. Army in Europe team


Redefining Readiness in Europe
Army Sustainment; May-June 2017; Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

Army pre-positioned stocks support Army readiness
Army Sustainment; May-June 2017; Jacqueline Georlett and Bruce Daasch

Deter and Defeat
Army AL&T Magazine; January-March 2017; Lt. Gen. Michael E. Williamson, Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson and Lt. Gen. John M. Murray

Joint logistics and the future of global conflict
Army Sustainment; January-February 2017; Lt. Col. Douglas R. Burke and 1st Lt. Matthew A. Gaumer

Building logistics readiness and alliances for success
Army Sustainment; January-February 2017; 1st Lt. Evan T. Kowalski


Resetting the theater to equip rotational forces in Europe
Army Sustainment; May-June 2016; Maj. Craig A. Daniel, Robin T. Dothager

Strengthening the European alliance
NCO Journal; March 23, 2016; Command Sgt. Maj. Jessie Harris Jr.

Balancing sustainment priorities for a new Security paradigm in Europe
Army Sustaintment; March-April 2016; Maj. Gen. Duane A. Gamble, Col. Matthew D. Redding, and Maj. Craig A. Daniel


A comparison of BCS3 and Microsoft Excel for tracking logistics
Army Sustainment; May-June 2015; Sgt. 1st Class David Williams

Resourcing Operation Atlantic Resolve
ASMC Comptroller Magazine; Vol. 60, No. 1; Maj. Marvin Rojas

Operation Atlantic Resolve: A Case Study in Effective Communication Strategy
Military Review; January-February 2015; Jesse Granger


Assurance in Europe: Why Relationships Matter
Military Review; November-December 2014; Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell and Maj. Michael Whitney


The Electron Theory Of Leadership: Enabling Senior Leaders to Really See Their Organizations
Military Review; November-December 2013; Maj. Gen. Richard Longo and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Joe Doty, Ph.D.

Applying Principles of Counterinsurgency to the Fight Against Sexual Assault in the Military
Military Review; November-December 2013; 1st Lt. Chad R. Christian

Lean Six Sigma improves base closure efficiency
Army Sustainment Magazine; Oct. 9, 2013; Chief Warrant Officer 3 Robert Lopez Jr.

Preparing for the retrograde customs mission in Afghanistan
Army Sustainment Magazine; Oct. 9, 2013; 1st Lt. Jennifer Speeckaert

Mobile container assessment team missions, responsibilities, and troop leading procedures
Army Sustainment Magazine; Oct. 9, 2013; 1st Lt. Steven Oh

The Sustainer's foxhole and preparing for unified land operations
Army Sustainment Magazine; July 10, 2013; Capt. Eric M. Stangle

The sustainment mission command capability
Army Sustainment Magazine; July 10, 2013; Maj. Gen. John O’Connor and Maj. Sean D. Smith

A comparison of D/ROPS models in different theaters
Army Sustainment Magazine; July 10, 2013; Capt. Christopher A. Terian

Streamlining theater closing operations
Army Sustainment Magazine; July 9, 2013; Chief Warrant Officer 3 Sulaiman Bah

Managing and maintaining equipment for a materiel recovery and retrograde mission
Army Sustainment Magazine; July 9, 2013; Capt. Christian S. Noumba

Unity of Effort and the ILE Interagency Fellowship Program
Military Police; Spring 2013; page 21; Maj. Scott R. Blanchard and Eliza Edgar


The Afghan National Army: Has capacity building become culture building?
Military Review; November-December 2012; Sgt. 1st Class Keith W. Norris

Seven Design Theory Considerations: An Approach to Ill-Structured Problems
Military Review; November-December 2012; Maj. Ben Zweibelson

“Fueling the Team” for Better Health and Performance
Army Sustainment; May-June 2012; Bill Roche

The 19th Battlefield Coordination Detachment in Operation Odyssey Dawn: A Combat Multiplier
Fires Bulletin; March-April 2012; page 33; Col. Steve Maranian and Maj. Nikolaus Guran

Clearing the Road Ahead: The Future of Engineer Partnership in Afghanistan
Engineer Magazine; January-April 2012; Capt. Joseph J. Caperna, Capt. Thomas M. Ryder and 1st Lt. Jamal Nasir

Engineer Brigade Validates With Mobile Training Team
Engineer Magazine; January-April 2012; Sgt. Maj. David G. Crews, Staff Sgt. Donald J. Keeney and Staff Sgt. Rory S. Seppanen

Counter-IED Strategy in Modern War
Military Review; January-February 2012; Capt. David F. Eisler

Things You Must Get Right as a Battalion Commander
Fires Bulletin; January-February 2012; Col. Steve Maranian

The Army's Next Training Model: Building on the Past as We Prepare for the Future
Army Magazine; January 2012; Lt. Col. Chris Budihas and Maj. Kevin Broadnax


The BCD in Support of the Modern Theater
Army Magazine;December 2011 Col. Steve Maranian, Maj. Eric Durham and Maj. Nikolaus Guran

Grief and physical health outcomes in U.S. Soldiers returning from combat
The Journal of Affective Disorders; December 2011; Dr. AB Adler, Toblin RL, Riviere LA, Thomas JL, Kok BC, Hoge CW.

409th CSB talks mission support at AFRICOM Conference
ACC Today; Winter 2011; page 9; Rachel Clark

Shifts in the Army and the Chemical Corps: Our Relevancy and the Way Ahead
Army Chemical Review; Winter 2011; page 15; Capt. Sarah McKay

Security Force Assistance in Africa: The Case for Regionally Aligned BCTs
ARMY Magazine
; November 2011; Lt. Col. (Ret.) Michael S. Hartmayer

16th Sustainment Brigade Theater Support
Army Sustainment; November-December 2011; page 7; Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dane A. Patterson  

709th Military Police Battalion Conducts 360-Degree, COP Live-Fire Training
MP Bulletin
; Fall 2011; Stefanie Kastner  

Austere Challenge: an Exercise in Operational Adaptability for Civil-Military Planning and Security-Force Assistance
Cavalry and Armor Journal; September-October 2011; Lt. Col. (Ret.) Michael Hartmayer and Capt. Nathan K. Finney

Prevention of Infections Associated With Combat-Related Thoracic and Abdominal Cavity Injuries 
Journal of Trauma; August 2011; Gregory J. Martin, MD, FACP, FIDSA, James R. Dunne, MD, FACS, John M. Cho, MD, FACS, FCCP, Joseph S. Solomkin, MD, FACS, FIDS

Some things never change, like what right looks like
NCO Journal; August 2011; Command Sgt. Maj.  Thomas R. Capel

Fighting the Information War but Losing Credibility: What Can We Do?
Military Review; July-August 2011;  Lt. Col. Rumi Nielson-Green

409th conducts European contracting conference
ACC (Army Contracting Command) Today
; Summer 2011; Rachel Clark

Starting a Primary Care Pain Management Clinic in a Military Treatment Facility
Military Medicine, May 2011; Capt. Jeremy B. Kent, MC USA; Spc. Chelsea N. Cng, MC USAF

Maxillary intraosseous spindle cell lipoma
Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, April 15, 2011; Stokes SM, Wood JP, Castle JT

Buffering Effects of Benefit Finding in a War Environment
Military Psychology; March 2011, page 202-219;  Capt. Michael Wood

ACU ‘Fashion’: The dos and don’ts for this season and every season
NCO Journal; February 2011; Sgt. Maj. Lisa Hunter

CBRN Crisis response: Multinational Coordination in Europe is necessary to address CBRN threats
The Officer; January-February 2011; page 82; Brig. Gen. Jimmie Jaye Wells

A Battalion in Italy Supports Humanitarian Disaster Relief Around the World
Army Sustainment; January-Febuary 2011; Capt. Michael Kistler, USAR, Fred Wittmer, and Jennifer King