How to Submit an IGAR

How to fill out an Action Request form

Individuals requesting assistance should fill out an Inspector General Action Request Form, (DA FORM 1559-R), prior to seeing the IG.

The DA Form 1559 is used to secure sufficient information to make inquiries into matter presented to the IG to provide a response to the requester(s) and/or take action to correct deficiencies. A person who make a request for IG assistance is the requester. When the requester presents the IG with his or her allegation(s) or issue(s) the IG will ask the requester to fill out a DA Form 1559. If the requester contacts the IG telephonically, the DA Form 1559 is filled out by the IG taking the call. The information provided on this form provides the IG with the initial base of knowledge to begin an inquiry.

Submitting an issue anonymously makes it impossible for the IG to get back with you on findings directly impacting you.

You may download DA Form 1559 and fill it out prior to your visit to the IG or for mailing or faxing to the IG. If you do this, please ensure all information is filled out completely:

Click here to download DA 1559 (PDF format)

A.  Enter your complete name as shown in your official records (Unless you wish to remain anonymous).
B.  Enter your current rank (Unless you wish to remain anonymous).
C.  Enter your SSN (Unless you wish to remain anonymous (Be sure to read the Privacy Act Information above this block).
D.  Enter your component/status (Active Duty, USAR/TPU, IRR, AGR, AD Retired, USAR Retired).
E.  Enter your unit and complete military address (Unless you wish to remain anonymous).
F.  Enter your duty phone number and any other appropriate contact numbers (Unless you wish to remain anonymous).
G.  Enter your preferred mailing address (if different from military address, including ZIP Code) (Unless you wish to remain anonymous).
H.  Enter your E-Mail address (optional). 
I.  Ask yourself, "What do I want the IG to do for me?" Please be brief and to the point.
J.  Collect your notes and thoughts and write all relevant information to your issue in this location. Feel free to use continuation sheets if necessary. Keep in mind, you should have the information relevant to your issue(s) orderly and as thorough as possible before seeing an IG. This will help us help you better.
K.  Check if you DO or DO NOT CONSENT to release of your personal information outside of IG channels (but within DoD Official Channels) in order to resolve the matters listed above. 
L.  Please sign the form digitally or by hand, only if you are not requesting to submit an issue anonymously.
M.  Enter the date you signed the form.

NOTE: Once you complete DA Form 1559 it becomes an official IG record and must be handled accordingly. If you have questions concerning IG information sensitivity or DA Form 1559 you may consult Army Regulation AR 20-1 available at or contact the IG.

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