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Assistance Branch

The Assistance Branch function is the process of receiving, inquiring into, and responding to complaints, requests for information, and requests for help presented or referred to an Inspector General. This process is used to correct problems indirectly. Inspectors General correct problems by bringing the matter to the attention of the command and letting the command do the right thing. This referral occurs at the lowest level of command appropriate to take the corrective action and elevated only when deemed appropriate. This process assists in eliminating conditions detrimental to the morale, efficiency, or reputation of the unit and the Army.

The Assistance function is another opportunity for the Inspector General to teach and train; provide information about Army systems, processes, and procedures; and assess attitudes while assisting, inspecting, and investigating. The Inspector General Teaching and Training function is an integral part of all Inspector General Functions.

Investigations Branch

The United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Office of the Inspector General, Investigations Branch, conducts investigations and investigative inquiries as directed by the Secretary of the Army Inspector General, the commanding general, the command inspector general, or as prescribed by law or regulation. These normally include assessment of allegations of mismanagement, fraud, waste or abuse, improper conduct, abuse of power or privileges, improper behavioral health evaluations (BHEs), and violations of the Military Whistleblower Protection Act. On completion of investigations and inquiries, the branch provides succinct objective reports to the directing authorities. In addition, the branch receives, processes, and responds to a variety of complaints and requests for assistance originating from military personnel or dependents, employees assigned to the area of responsibility, as well as the public.

Inspections Branch

The USAREUR Office of the Inspector General, Inspections Branch will conduct inspections, to include teaching and training, as directed by the Commanding General throughout the USAREUR Footprint in order to ensure force well-being, enhance readiness, facilitate transformation, and to accomplish the Commander's directed Annual and Special Interest inspection priorities as well as Department of the Army regulatory requirements.




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