The Provost Marshal provides staff and technical supervision over United States Army Europe military police operations. The Provost Marshal advises the Commanding General, USAREUR, and heads of USAREUR and IMCOM staff sections on law enforcement, physical security, biometrics, customs, confinement, use of military police resources and conduct of military police combat, combat support and combat service support operations.


Keep valuables out of sight

Keep valuables out of plain sightWIESBADEN, Germany -- Drug addicts and international gangs of thieves are the common groups looking to break into your car and steal anything they can turn into quick cash - a satellite navigation device, laptop, tablet computer, phone or backpack. A locked vehicle with no valuables visible inside is the best way to keep your car and property safe in Europe. MORE

Beware of suspicious letters, packages

Watch out for suspicious packagesWIESBADEN, Germany -- USAREUR personnel should be vigilant for suspicious letters and packages. For information on recognizing letter and parcel bombs, click on this link to a USPS poster. MORE

Not all that glitters is gold on European highways

Watch out for fraudsters while you travel in EuropeWIESBADEN, Germany -- Some people can run into bad luck while they are on the road and become legitimate candidates for charity. Unfortunately, there are other who are up to no good, warn officials at the U.S. Army Europe Office of the Provost Marshal. MORE

Watch out for pickpockets

Pickpockets will steal your cash if you are not carefulWIESBADEN, Germany -- Military personnel new to Europe need to know the do’s and don’ts of life overseas. The Berlin Police have some tips for you on how to protect your cash and belongings from pickpockets (in English and German). MORE


Mailing address:

U.S. Army Europe
Office of the Provost Marshal
Unit 29351, box 111
APO AE 09014

DSN (314) 537-3911, civilian +49 (0)611-143-537-3911

DSN 537-3964, civilian +49 (0)611-143-537-3964


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Fuel Ration Card in Germany

ReferencesInformation on the Fuel Ration Card in Germany

German Traffic Fines

List of German traffic fines and penalty points. MORE



Road Conditions

Road ConditionsRoad conditions
and school closures for U.S. Army locations in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania

Old MP Reports

112OPM does not have old MP reports
- but the US Army Crime Records Center does. Click on the link to contact them if you need an old report.

Background Checks

112The US Army Crime Records Center
is the sole release authority for Army law enforcement records so please click on the link if you are conducting a background check on a former soldier.

Crime Prevention

Crime PreventionClick here
for resources for crime prevention from the National Crime Prevention Council