Letting visiting friends and relatives drive your POV in Germany

with AE Form 550-175D (Authority to operate a POV)

I want to let my visiting friends and relatives use my POV. Am I allowed to let them drive my car?

If you want to let your visitors drive your USAREUR registered vehicle in Germany on their own, it is necessary to first obtain approval from your military customs office.

Please note:

  • If you or another member of your household in possession of a USAREUR driver’s license is in the vehicle, you don’t require approval.

How do I obtain approval?

Visit your local military customs office to obtain an AE Form 550-175D (Authorization to Operate a POV). The customs staff will fill out the AE Form 550-175C (Request for Exception to Policy for Authorization to Operate a POV)

What documents must I bring with me?

  • Sponsor’s / vehicle owner’s ID card
  • POV registration(s)
  • Full name of visitor
  • Passport or clear copies of your visitors' passports
  • International driving permit or driver’s license valid in Germany with official German translation for your visitor(s)

Please note:

  • If your visitor is a resident in Germany, you can’t apply for an AE Form 550-175D
  • If your visitor(s) are not yet in the country, please bring along clear copies of the listed documents

Are there specific requirements for driver licenses?

  • Only international driving permits issued by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA) will be accepted for visitors from the US
  • An international driving permit must be issued outside the country of intended use and by an authorized entity
  • Official German translations of valid US driver’s licenses or driver’s licenses from other countries are required
  • No translations are needed for driver’s licenses from EU member states, countries within the European Economic Area or for following countries: Andorra, Hong Kong, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Switzerland and Senegal

After obtaining the AE Form 550-175D is there anything else I must do?

  • After receiving the approval, visitors can use the USAREUR registered POV on their own
  • The visitor must have the AE Form 550-175D in the vehicle when driving together with the vehicle registration, proof of insurance and respective driving permit or driver’s license
  • The AE Form 500-175D is granted for a maximum of 90 days within a six month period

Please note:

For US Forces members, civilian components and their dependents, driving in Germany is a duty and tax-free privilege which your visitors don’t enjoy. The AE Form 550-175D does not allow visitors to use a fuel card in order to buy tax-free gasoline at AAFES or ESSO gas stations.

Exception to Policy

Should you want to extend the authorization beyond 90 days, an exception to policy will have to be agreed with the German Federal Ministry of Finance. For this please contact the NATO SOFA team for further assistance and information: usarmy.wiesbaden.usareur.mbx.nato-sofa@mail.mil

Visiting spouses

Visiting spouses of US Forces personnel stationed in Germany (i.e., a non-command or agency sponsored husband or wife temporarily in Germany for less than 90 days) enjoy tax privileges in their own right as they are the spouse of a SOFA status / US ID card holder. They may operate their spouse’s USAREUR registered vehicle for up to 30 calendar days IAW AE Reg 190-1 Ch 4-10 5)c). Should the visiting spouse stay longer than 30 days, the military customs office can issue an AE Form 190-1AQ (Authority to operate a POV [Family Member]). The spouse will be required to have this document when using the sponsor’s USAREUR registered vehicle together with all other above listed documents visitors must have in the vehicle with them. PLEASE NOTE: IAW with AER 190-1, Para 4-10 (5) c (1), should the visiting spouse be in Germany for more than 30 calendar days, he or she must apply for a U.S. Forces Certificate of License.
  • Please click here to view our POV authorization pamphlet in PDF format.