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  • Customs help carers of deployed personnel's children
    Exceptions to policy from customs can be a huge benefit for U.S. Forces personnel stationed in Germany who are parents and have to deploy in support of peace-keeping or security operations. The authorizations grant limited customs and tax privileges to the person who comes to Germany to take care of the children. Additionally, the child care provider receives an ID card and SOFA Identification Certificate for the period of deployment which waives German immigration requirements. It also applies in situations where a spouse remaining in country is incapacitated.
  • Importing goods into Germany tax and duty-free
    Being stationed in Germany means, U.S. service members, civilian component personnel and their dependents can go straight to the manufacturer and save money. Tax relief in other countries may save you big bucks already, but your military customs office will also get your shopping from countries outside of the EU into Germany tax and duty-free with AE Form 550-175A.



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Fuel Ration Card in Germany

ReferencesInformation on the Fuel Ration Card in Germany

Shipping Pets

Click here for more details on shipping pets to Germany. Please have a credit card ready to pay import fees.MORE



Importing meds

Information on mailing meds Prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, minerals and herbal & dietary supplements are not allowed to be mailed through an Army Post Office to Americans living in Germany.

Prohibited items

Click here for a list of prohibited and restricted items from German customs (in English)

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