Selling / Giving Away Personal Property

With AE Form 550-175B

Permit to Transfer

What do I need when I want to sell or transfer an item I own to a non-ID cardholder?

A “Permit to Transfer” (AE Form 550-175B) allows U.S Forces military and civilian personnel stationed in Germany to sell or donate personal property to non-ID cardholders. The permit to transfer is a mandatory requirement when you want to transfer an item to a non-ID cardholder.
Please note: You must have owned the property in Germany for at least six months.

Do I need a Permit to Transfer to deregister my vehicle in the USAREUR vehicle registration system?

Yes - if transferred to non-ID card holders due to your tax/duty free status in Germany. If you are considering de-registering your vehicle from the USAREUR vehicle registration system, then you have multiple options. You can either sell your vehicle, give it away to a junkyard or donate the vehicle to MWR. With the exception of MWR donations, AE Form 550-175B must be processed and cleared by German Customs. Failure to do so is a violation of USAREUR regulations as well as German laws and considered an illegal transfer of a tax/duty free item. In the event a vehicle is encumbered by a lien/lessor, then written permission from the lien holder/lessor is required prior to transfer. Satisfied liens/lessors must be removed from the registration.

What do I need to do?

  • Step 1: Visit your local military customs office
  • Please bring all necessary documents listed. Your military customs office will issue four AE Forms 550-175B. All four copies must be signed. Make sure you read and understand the ‘Data Required by the Privacy Act of 1974’ as well as read and comply with the points below block “17. Remarks” on page two of the form. On issuance by the military customs office, the forms are valid for 90 days.

  • Step 2: Take forms to German Customs Office (Zollamt)
  • Proceed to the German Customs Office with the purchaser/recipient, the four original copies of the AE Form 550-175B and the item(s) that you wish to transfer. The purchaser/receiver should be present in case any duty or tax is due, if not, you will be liable for payment. German customs will retain two copies, provide one stamped copy to the purchaser/recipient and one to you. Failure to comply with the above instructions may result in a Military Police Customs investigation, disciplinary action and a tax demand from German Customs. In case any party doesn’t want to continue with the transaction, the AE Forms 550-175B must be returned to the issuing military customs office or the Customs Executive Agency in Wiesbaden.

  • Step 3: Applicable for transferred vehicles or firearms

  • Vehicles: In order to deregister a vehicle from the USAREUR Vehicle Registration system it is necessary to first obtain clearance of the AE Form 550-175 B from German customs. For further information on other requirements for deregistering your vehicle please check with Vehicle Registration.

  • Vehicle Registration website.
  • Firearms: Under no circumstances should you transfer or relinquish ownership of a firearm to a purchaser/receiver before going to German customs. It is only permitted to transfer firearms at German customs offices with the weapon present. Should German customs authorities grant approval for transfer, then you must deregister the firearm at your local USAREUR vehicle registration office (firearms section).

Which documents must I bring with me?

  • Valid ID card
  • Bill of Sale
  • Purchaser’s / receiver’s full name, address, phone number and passport / “Ausweis” number
  • Power of Attorney (in case the sponsor cannot undertake the transfer: spouses don’t require POA if their name is on the registration as co-owner)
  • If applicable, USAREUR firearm / POV registration

Specifically for vehicles:

  • If lien is paid off, it must be noted on the registration
  • If there is a lien on the vehicle, you will require written permission from the lien holder. In such a case the vehicle can only be sold to a commercial dealer
  • Lien release documents or titles of vehicles are not accepted

  • Please click here to view the customs pamphlet on the Permit to Transfer in PDF format.