Installation Access Control System

This web page is designed to facilitate management of the USAREUR Installation Access Control Program by providing a central point of information concerning installation access policy and procedures, the installation pass application process and the Installation Access Control System.

  • The regulation that governs installation access for USAREUR is AE Regulation 190-16.
  • The regulation that governs installation access for USAFE (Germany only) is USAFE Instruction 31-208.

The USAREUR Installation Access Control Program is a combination of policy outlined in AE Reg 190-16 integrated with the procedures of the Installation Access Control System (IACS).

IACS is a configurable access control system, incorporating a central database of records and biometric information, specifically a photograph and fingerprint. Using IACS, authorized personnel are registered for access to one or more installations.

IACS produces an installation pass for those not having a Department of Defense (DoD) identification (ID) card and who require recurring and unescorted access to USAREUR installations or captures information from the current Common Access Card (CAC).

IACS allows setting a variety of access levels that can be combined with force protection levels to restrict access privileges and to require intensified personnel authentication as the need arises. For instance, a person could be required to scan an ID card for access, and then be required to scan their fingerprint for authentication. IACS automates physical security processes and functions that are generally the responsibility of USAREUR/USAFE law enforcement organizations.

For additional installation access information or any questions, please contact our helpdesk:

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To provide comprehensive installation access services to ensure the security of European Command (EUCOM) personnel and assets.


  • Provide a safe and secure environment for EUCOM personnel
  • Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny access by criminals and terrorists
  • Assist law enforcement agencies with inquiries and investigations


Regional Offices

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