Security Operations


Terrorism Links

  • Stay Safe in Europe
    Please use this website to receive updates on the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens in Europe.
  • State Department International Travel Warnings
    The Department of State issues alerts to update information on the continuing threat of violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world. U.S. citizens are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.
  • Most Wanted Terrorists (FBI)
    Federal grand juries in various jurisdictions in the United States have indicted the alleged terrorists on this list for the crimes reflected on their wanted posters. Evidence was gathered and presented to the grand juries, which led to the alleged terrorists being charged. The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice.
  • Rewards for Justice (State Diplomatic Security Service)
    The Rewards for Justice program continues to be one of the most valuable U.S. Government assets in the fight against international terrorism. The Secretary of State is currently offering rewards of up to $25 million for information that prevents or favorably resolves acts of international terrorism against U.S. persons or property worldwide. Rewards also may be paid for information leading to the arrest or conviction of terrorists attempting, committing, conspiring to commit, or aiding and abetting in the commission of such acts.
  • Installation Access Control System
    Using IACS, authorized personnel can register for access to U.S. installations in Europe.

European Emergency #

112Information on 112
- the emergency number to dial throughout the European Union.