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U.S. Forces members are prohibited from shipping or bringing Privately Owned Firearms into Germany unless they have an import permit approved by the German authorities (verbringungserlaubniss) or have current weapons registration cards (WBK) issued by the German authorities. U.S. Forces members must comply fully with all German law requirements for the possession, acquisition, use and registration of firearms and other weapons. Personnel who import firearms (POFs) that are not legally registered put themselves in jeopardy of arrest and confiscation of the firearms and charged with illegal possession of firearms under German law. Only personnel in possession of a valid German Hunting license (Jagdschein) or sport shooters who posses a current, valid German weapons Registration card (WBK) with the POF(s) listed on it can apply to import and possess those firearms in Germany. Qualification for a Hunting License or a sport shooter’s license allowing purchase of firearms and registration on a WBK can only be obtained in Germany after completing the mandatory requirements. If individuals intend to meet the legal requirements to qualify as a German Hunter or Shooter after they are stationed in Germany, they should make arrangements with their transportation office in CONUS for temporary storage and follow on separate shipment of their POF(s) once they have met all the legal requirements. The transportation office cannot ship the POF to them until the POF owner provides proof of possession of a valid German firearms registration card (WBK). Operational tempos and or missions may preclude individuals from qualifying for weapons registration for their firearms and will preclude shipment of these firearms to Germany.
Note: Should you have questions on the processes to qualify for weapons registration, the USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles Weapons Section can assist in providing information on how to register weapons for persons stationed in Germany, POC is DSN: 542-2050/2051 or CIV: 49-(0)611-143-542-2050/2051.

Registering and Operating Privately Owned Motor Vehicles in Germany

Army in Europe Regulation 190-1*/CNE-C6F Instruction 11240.6X*/USAFE Instruction 31-202* (13 August 2010)

Registration and Control of Privately Owned Firearms in Germany

Army in Europe Regulation 190-6*/ CNE-C6F Instruction 5300.15Q*/USAFE Instruction 31-205* (4 June 2010)