Saber Guardian logoSaber Guardian is a multinational military exercise involving approximately 25,000 military personnel from over 20 participating nations.

Exercise Saber Guardian is a U.S. European Command, U.S. Army Europe-led bi-annual exercise rotating among Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine and takes place in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Since 2013 this exercise has been a part of U.S. European Command's Joint Exercise Program and is designed to enhance joint combined interoperability with allied and partner nations.

This exercise involves more than 25,000 service members from over 20 ally and partner nations and is the largest of the Black Sea Region exercises. Saber Guardian is the premier training event for U.S. Army Europe and participating nations that builds readiness and improves interoperability under a unified command. Saber Guardian executes a full range of military missions to support the security and stability of the Black Sea Region. 

The Black Sea Region exercises include numerous U.S., ally and partner national exercises with Saber Guardian being the largest. Each is separate and distinct, however many of them contribute to or enable Saber Guardian in various ways. As a whole, these exercises demonstrate the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s superior joint and combined capabilities and highlight our collective will to defend against regional threats and aggression. It is deterrence in action.

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Strong Europe Saber Guardian Web Spot
U.S. Army Europe
July 10, 2017 | 0:30
Saber Guardian 2017 (SG17) is an annual, multinational exercise held in the Black Sea Region as part of the U.S. European Command Joint Exercise Program. This year’s iteration will take place July 11 – 20, 2017.

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