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Radioactive Commodity Inventory Sheet

1. Here is an automated tool below for your annual radioactive material inventory. This tool will only work properly when run from your local computer. The data on the form is only sample data, you should clear the worksheet before beginning with your inventory. Complete this sheet; they must remain on file for 3 years in order to comply with US and Host Nation Law. You also need to send a copy of the inventory to the Garrison Radiation Safety Officer for inclusion in the installation records.

2. Report all lost or stolen radioactive material promptly (within 24 hours) to the Garrison Radiation Safety Officer.

3. Ensure that maintenance is only performed IAW with appropriate TMs and TBs !

4. Commanders must have trained Local Radiation Safety Officers (LRSO). Click here to register for LRSO training.

Download automated inventory tool here. (when the open/save window appears, click on "save")

Download the Instruction Sheet for using the inventory tool here.


Call DSN 314.370.6284 or send email