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The U.S. Army Europe Safety Office supports the Army's and U.S. Army Europe's mission by focused efforts to create a safe work environment, promote safe practices, and instill a safety culture that encourages, supports, and rewards safe behavior.

Safety Programs

The Safety Office provides program management and oversight to the U.S. Army Europe commander.

    •Aviation: Principal advisor on flight safety for United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Army Service Component Command (ASCC). Provide aviation safety oversight and assistance to all Army aviation units, facilities and operations in the European theater. Provide technical and tactical safety expertise ensuring implementation of Department of the Army and USAREUR aviation safety policies and procedures. Provide assistance and ensure completion of accident investigation requirements and directed inspections.

    •Tactical: The Tactical Safety Specialist Coordinates, and evaluates a comprehensive tactical safety program that encompasses USAREUR units, their subordinate elements, and activities. Serves as a representative and advisor on tactical safety matters with primary responsibility for promulgating tactical safety policy and procedures.

    •Radiation: Principal advisor on radiation safety for United States Army Europe. Provide USAREUR units assistance with lasers, radars, x-ray machinery, calibration sources, transportation and storage of radiation commodities. Assist US Army Europe units decommission facilities for return to the Host Nation. Provide technical, tactical and non-tactical radiation safety expertise for safe use of lasers, and radio frequency emitting equipment such as radars, radios, and with commodity equipment containing radioactive materials. Provide assistance to USAREUR units and act as the single point of contact for DA, Army command licensees, and regulatory agencies.

    •Ammunition & Explosives:
        -Commanders ESMP Guide
        -Tactical Explosives Safety Guide, Dec. 2011

    •Accident Reporting : The U.S. Army Europe Data Manager Plans, directs administers, evaluates and analyzes a comprehensive Army Service Component Command (ASCC) level ground and aviation accident investigation, reporting and analysis program. Reviews and analyzes accident data to determine trends, cause factors, contributing conditions, and other related factors. Serves as the USAREUR Subject Matter Expert on accident investigations and principal advisor to the command safety director in all matters pertaining to accident investigations.
        -Notification Instructions, Regulations and Guidance, Forms, Tools and Messages
        -Report IT
        -Risk Management Information System

    •Command Dangerous Goods



The Safety Office is located in Building 1067 on Clay Kaserne, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden. Official mailing address is:

  • United States Army Europe
    Unit 29351
    APO AE 09014-9351

For general queries, please call 537-0394. Otherwise, please call the appropriate office below:

Director   537-0391
Deputy Safety Director   537-0392
Chief, Plans and Operations   537-0393
Ammo and Explosives   537-0395
Tactical   537-0398
Data Manager   537-0394
Radiation   537-0397
Aviation   537-0399
Host Nation Safety   537-0389
Dangerous Goods Advisor   537-0396
AST Balkans and CBS AAF Safety Mgr   781-4805


Don Wright
U.S. Army Europe Safety

Don Paglioni
Deputy Safety Director
and Chief of Policy and Support

Ed Hoffman
Chief Plans and Operations
U.S. Army Europe Safety

Safety Portal

View the Safety intranet portal at https://intranet.eur.army.mil/
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