Salute Battery

U.S. Army Europe's Salute Battery provides ceremonial cannon fire at ceremonies and events.

The 529th Military Police Company, 709th MP Battalion, 18th MP Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, serves as the official U.S. Army Europe Honor Guard and Salute Battery. As such, they are responsible for rendering honors to senior leaders and foreign dignitaries, providing salutes during official observances and celebrations, and providing final salutes at military funerals.

The Salute Battery is equipped with three M101 Light Towed Howitzers shooting the 105mm round. These M101 Howitzers were developed and used by the U.S. Army during World War II and are among the last few remaining in the U.S. Army inventory, as they were retired by the U.S. military in the 1980s. The M101 has a barrel length of 8.47 feet and weighs in at 4,980 pounds.

The Salute Battery is governed by Army in Europe Regulation 600-25, USAREUR Salute Battery.

How to Request

Organizations interested in requesting the Salute Battery should review AE 600-25 and complete the request procedures below:

Please note requests for the Salute Battery must be received 60 days before the event. Requests received less than 60 days prior to the event must be accompanied by "Letter of Lateness" signed by the first O6 (or civilian equivalent) in the chain of command explaining why the request is late. Please refer to AE 600-25 for more information.

Unit History

The 529th Military Police Company was constituted June 28, 1945, as the 153rd Military Police Service Company. On July 13, 1945, the Department of the Army activated the 153rd in New Delhi, India. The unit served in China, India, and Burma until its deactivation on April 10, 1946, in India. On December 28, 1946, the unit was reorganized in Europe and was re-designated as the 529th Military Police Service Company and assigned to the European Command at Giessen, Germany, with subsequent duties at Wetzlar Post, Frankfurt, and Rhine Military Police Districts.

On June 22, 1951, the 529th Military Police Service Company was re-designated as the 529th Military Police Company and allotted to the Regular Army. The 529th MP Co. was transferred to La Rochelle, France, in September 1951 where it remained until December of 1952, when it transferred to the U.S. Army Europe headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, and designated as the USAREUR Honor Guard.

In July 2012, the company moved with the USAREUR headquarters to Wiesbaden, Germany. The company received the distinctive designation as the Honor Guard from the Department of the Army on May 6, 2015.

The 529th MP Co. has received several campaign participation credits spanning from World War II to Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 529th MP Co. Honor Guard participated in the 65th and 70th Anniversary Commemorations of the D-Day Invasion, rendering honors to the presidents of the United States and France.

Unit decorations include two Army Superior Unit Awards, with one Streamer embroidered 1995-1996 and another 2001-2002. In 1974, the 529th MP Co. won the prestigious J.P. Holland Award for Best MP company in the Army. The Company was selected as the 2009 Griffin Award winner for the best MP company in Europe and was the 1st runner-up for the J.P. Holland Award that same year. Today, the 529th MP Co. continues its proud traditions of excellence as both a maneuver support military police company and the USAREUR Honor Guard.


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