Battle Group Poland hits the water for amphibious training

By Spc. Robert Douglas | June 6, 2018

BEMOWO PISKIE, Poland — Collaborative training with allies is the kind of environment Saber Strike 18 hopes to foster in its eighth iteration.  

The long-standing U.S. Army Europe-led cooperative training exercise is designed to enhance interoperability among allies and their regional partners.   

“This wet gap or river crossing training is with the Polish, American, Romanian, Croatian, and British soldiers and their amphibious vehicles”, said U.S. Army Pvt. Noah Crouse of Alpha Troop Regimental Engineer Squadron. “It’s a great experience working with our NATO allies and gives new soldiers like me the chance to get quality training in.”

The culminating event of this exercise included an amphibious vehicle unit from Poland preparing to reach the opposite shore of a man-made water obstacle in the Bemowo Piskie Training Area while carrying a Romanian military supply vehicle.  

Once the signal to begin was given, the Polish soldiers entered the waters utilizing their Medium Amphibious Transport and navigated their way to the opposite shore. 

Once ashore, the next task was to traverse a Polish Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge.  The variety of military equipment and skills of the battle group, were clearly on full display.

“This type of training builds cohesion between NATO forces so we can act as one team and move as one force,” said Pvt. Crouse.

It is this ability to successfully bring together many different nations and get them consistently working together effectively that has set Saber Strike 18 off to a successful start.