USA Customs Agency Europe patchU.S. Army Customs Agency - Europe
U.S. Army Europe Customs Executive Agency

Automatic Extension to German Form 0217 (Customs Pink Card) in Response to COVID-19

Our Mission

  • We are the operational manager and technical supervisor of the Customs Border Clearance Agency Program for U.S. European Command.

  • We support U.S. Army Europe's Provost Marshal, who serves as the U.S. Army Europe Commanding General's executive agent in Germany.

  • We coordinate host nation customs policy and programs affecting the U.S. Forces and U.S. members in Germany.

  • We enforce the NATO Status of Forces Agreement with its supplementary agreement and investigate violations or emplace controls of customs and tax privileges which are granted to U.S. Forces personnel in Germany.

  • We provide responsive policy oversight & Title 10 support of U.S. Forces in regards to the NATO Status of Forces Agreement and supplemental agreements.

Our Area of Operations

109 Military Preclearance Programs in 18 countries across Europe and Africa.

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