Nearly one-thousand U.S. service members stationed in Europe, and from U.S. based units with historical links to D-Day, will join contingents from more than five nations to recognize and honor the men and women of the "Greatest Generation" by performing music, marching in parades and honoring the colors of allied nations during the commemorative period of 1-9 June, 2019 in the region of Normandy, France.

The 75th anniversary of D-Day is a historic reminder of the strong and unremitting relationship between the U.S. and our European allies and partners.

Events in the Normandy Region by Date

Airborne Operation June 9
D-Day 75th Anniversary Ceremonies Announcement
U.S. Army Europe
March 18, 2019 | 0:30
D-Day 75th Anniversary Ceremonies Announcement Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Armed Forces Network (AFN) Broadcast

Begin 19MAR2019
Kill 10JUN2019

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